Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Joana Cruz again suffers setback in the fight against cancer – a Boil

Joana Cruz has already revealed that it is in the final stretch of treatments for breast cancer. The announcer told CMTV’s ‘Manhã CM’ that after 12 chemotherapy sessions, the next step will be surgery. But this Tuesday, March 30, she confided to fans that she faced a new challenge in the disease that prevents her from completing the treatments.

Joana Cruz revealed that the levels of her analyzes were very low. “Queen of Beet … with leaf! Today I couldn’t do the treatment so I call myself queen of this vegetable that will be consumed until exhaustion to help here to raise levels in the analysis”, wrote. Despite this hitch, the broadcaster continues to assume a fun posture. “Other vegetables are added to the party and follow with enthusiasm because there is always a goal to reach, no matter how good the mood does not coincide with the levels presented! Ahead is the way!”, wrote.

This is not the first time that Joana Cruz confesses that she has to take a break from treatments because she has no defenses in her body.

In the announcer’s social networks, messages of affection and strength are intensified. “Courage, I am sure you will succeed “,” One step at a time “and” Great warrior “were some of the comments left in the publication.

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