Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News Jokic: What will they do, they have to praise me (VIDEO)

Jokic: What will they do, they have to praise me (VIDEO)

Tanjug / AP

Nikola Jokić

Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokić spoke about the return of fans in the hall, but also about the recent statement of Tim Konelli, the head of basketball operations in Denver.

The Nuggets won over the Philadelphia 76ers with a score of 104: 96, with a double-double by the Serbian center.

– We played great. We went out on the field with great energy, we gave that first shot, we made the advantage that we held until the fourth quarter. We played very well defensively. Their best scorer was a player from the bench. We achieved a great, important victory. The fans were in the arena and that is a special charm – said Jokić.

The first memory of a match in a hall in Denver?

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– I think it was against Oklahoma, full stands. That is my first memory. Fans are an important part of basketball and our culture. They help us a lot and it’s nice to play in front of them. They give energy, adrenaline.

About new teammate Eron Gordon.

– He helped us. His height, athleticism, his thinking is very good. With it we get another version, a dimension.

Connelly said that he is the best player in the world at the moment.

– Thanks, Connelly. What will they do, they have to praise me, they have no other choice. Joking. I am glad that people support me. I think they see what we as a team and organization do. The whole city supports us. Thank them for that. As for my family, they were at the game. It is always nice, it was a pleasure – Jokic concluded.



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