Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Katja Schuurman stands up for Bilal Wahib: ‘He is also a victim’ | Entertainment

“A bad joke is not child pornography,” writes the presenter on Tuesday in her Instagram Stories. “If you watch the whole story, you can see and hear that Bilal tries to be funny. There is no question of malicious intent. ” She does call the actor’s action ‘stupid, very clumsy and, moreover, not funny’. She hopes that the boy will not be bullied.

Nevertheless, Schuurman wonders whether ‘someone dares to stand up for the other victim’, meaning Bilal Wahib. “Do you really think it is justified to immediately criminalize, convict, dismiss and boycott Bilal?” She asks the organizations that cut ties with the actor after the incident. “Shall we try to delve a little more into stories before we tumble over each other with blaming and judging?”

The presenter wanted to share her point of view with the world, but did not dare to. “Because the step between not condemning Bilal outright and now probably making the ugliest accusations about me is so small. But I want to dare to be honest. Not just walking along and shouting behind the fuss, but being honest, nuanced and soft. ”

Although she does not know Wahib personally, it hurts Schuurman ‘to see someone so publicly and with so much venom being pilloried’.



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