Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Key figure in Watergate scandal dead: Proposes to kill Nixon critics and kidnap prominent activists

G Gordon Liddy, who was one of the ringleaders behind the Watergate burglary and who became a radio host after serving his prison sentence, has died, aged 90.

It reports US media citing information from his son, Thomas Liddy.

Liddy, who was also a former FBI agent, has never expressed remorse for his role in the Watergate burglary at Democrats’ party headquarters during the 1972 presidential campaign. The scandal led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

The plan was for Republicans to eavesdrop on Democrats during the ongoing election campaign. They broke in to locate eavesdropping property complex Watergate, but were exposed.

George Gordon Battle Liddy was born in New Jersey in 1930. He has been described as a fragile boy who was inspired by listening to Adolf Hitler’s radio speeches in the 1930s, which was common in the German-American neighborhood he grew up in. in.

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After his military service and a college education as a lawyer, Liddy joined the FBI and later the White House to contribute to Richard Nixon’s fight for re-election.

Together with colleague Howard Hunt, Giddy came up with several extreme ideas – including killing certain Nixon critics and abducting prominent activists who led demonstrations against the Vietnam War.

The proposals were rejected – but it did not apply to the idea of ​​eavesdropping on the offices where the Democrats’ National Committee met.

But the failed burglary and attempts to cover it up led to America’s biggest political scandal.

Liddy, Hunt and five others were arrested and charged with conspiracy and unlawful interception. Liddy was the only one who refused to cooperate with the prosecution.

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but only served nearly five years when he was pardoned in 1977 by Democratic President Jimmy Carter.

After his release, he set up a security company, wrote several books, which became bestsellers, and became a popular and provocative host of radio talk shows.




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