Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News "Khunying Sudarat" revealed to open the Thai Constructing Thai Party branch

“Khunying Sudarat” revealed to open the Thai Constructing Thai Party branch

19.04 hours “Khunying Sudarat” revealed that it was preparing to open the Thai Constructing Thai Party branch and accepting members in time for the opening of the first general meeting. As for the leader of the party or not to wait for the meeting to consider (click to watch the video).

19.18 hrs. COVID vaccine 50,000 doses have arrived in Phuket. While the province prepares the first lottery plan before Songkran

19.31 hours, Narathiwat Province – Dept. of Amphibiousness Training Show military potential Under the operating code
“Battle of the ax handle”

19.40 hours “Phadah” won the state to follow up on the progress of electric vehicles to drive the country. After the board, EV, set the year 68 target, indicating that it is a new powerhouse of the economy. Along with suggesting to create incentives for the public to use

19.53 hours Commander of the 4th Region reiterates proactive measures to integrate force Tighten the area Ensuring maximum safety during Ramadan

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