Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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King – Queen Gave a royal wreath in front of the coffin of “Police Police Wiwat”

19.14 hours Nai Luang – Queen A royal wreath was presented in front of the coffin of “Pol. Maj. Wiwat” who died while working at the 28 February gathering (click to watch the video)

19.28 PM. Nominate – Swap chair of party minister Instead of the vacant position on the side “Gen. Prawit” reiterated that there was no one in the heart to confirm, it must not be an outsider. While the REG examines the 7 MPs, the votes are in The report was not yet finalized to the party leader.

19.36 hours “Anutin” receives the COVID-19 vaccine storage cabinet temperature measurement kit. From the PTT group, together with the cabinet revealing the budget to purchase 35 million doses of the vaccine to cover the population of the country

7:45 pm BAAC research center relaxes measures to control COVID-19 New ripple to support agricultural prices, identified jasmine rice, touch 11,859 – 12,028 baht / ton, rubber 51.22 – 51.89 baht / kg.

19.53 hours “Pol. Maj. Gen. Chiraphat” Deputy Chief Executive Officer opens the timeline “Pretty Wawa”, mysterious death. After returning from entertainment The CCTV footage was deleted. Recovery staff accelerate

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