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Home Breaking News Korat is tough! Handling accidents During the Songkran Festival

Korat is tough! Handling accidents During the Songkran Festival


March 31, 2021 – 11:03

realistically! Achan Non Sung Korat practice intense plans for Songkran accidents In the sun 40 degrees hot

Dr. Anupong Chao Konchai, Director of Non Sung Hospital, said that the preparation for an accident during the festival Especially the New Year and Songkran festival in the past years. There are frequent statistics of accidents. Causing many injuries and death Preparing to deal with disasters during the festival aims to provide safety for the people as well as to increase the skills to help and resolve problems for the staff working Is a check for readiness Competencies of personnel and equipment, including collecting data to improve operations for greater efficiency.

By simulating events A minibus collides with a passenger van. There were many injuries and deaths. And there was a fire. Each agency must know their roles and duties in assisting in a systematic and correct manner. Making the rescue operation to suppress the incident completely and efficiently But this rehearsal plan Must appreciate the thumbs up for the volunteer who played the role “The wounded is necessary” because in addition to having to dress with blood and wounds Still had to wait for an ambulance in the hot sun with a temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius, which had to cry in pain. Indistinguishable Is crying for help or crying because it’s hot? But have to admit that Really tough and tough

Simulate  A minibus collides with a passenger van.Practice a strong plan to tackle accidents during Songkran Korat practice preparation plan  Handling accidents  During the Songkran Festival

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