Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home World Lamberto Giannini new head of the police. A loyal Gabrielli

Lamberto Giannini new head of the police. A loyal Gabrielli

A long experience at the top of counter-terrorism, a recent appointment as Head of the Secretariat of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior, a very close relationship with Franco Gabrielli, who became Undersecretary to the Prime Minister. And from today, officially, his predecessor. Prefect Lamberto Giannini is the new police chief. His appointment came today, during the Council of Ministers. His name had been on pole for days, followed by those of Francesco Messina, Vittorio Rizzi and Matteo Piantedosi and Maria Luisa Pellizzari. The profile of the latter – current Deputy Chief of Police, the first woman in Italy to take up this post – remained on the table of Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese until the very end. But, as it had been in the air for days, in the end the task was entrusted to Giannini.

Born in 1964, Giannini graduated in Law from the Sapienza University of Rome. His curriculum vitae “of excellence”, to use the words of the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese, who congratulated him on his appointment. He entered service as Deputy Commissioner in 1989 and worked in Turin and Rome. And it is precisely in the police headquarters of the capital that in 2004 he became the top of the Digos office. Nine years later, in 2013, after being promoted to senior executive, he was appointed director of the Central Counterterrorism Service.

Among the most important operations he coordinated are the arrests of the red terrorists responsible for the D’Antona and Biagi murders. In 2015, in Rome, however, he coordinated the operation that led to the arrest of one of the foreign fighters who had tried to blow himself up in the London underground

The following year, in October 2016 – around the same time the book was out “Counterterrorism Handbook. Regulatory evolution and new investigative tools “, written by Giannini with the then National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Franco Roberti – in an interview with the monthly Polizia Moderna he spoke of the internal and international strategy to be adopted against foreign fighters. And, referring to immigration, he explained: “It is difficult for me to think that, once a terrorist is prepared and trained to take action, then he is put on a boat where he will be checked and registered upon arrival. Not to mention the risks involved during the crossing. Having said this, and having specified that the equation migrant = terrorist must be categorically rejected, it is clear that extreme attention is needed in the checks also because among the many migrants there could also be some terrorists fleeing after having been operational in other theaters and that – even if not immediately intending to hit the country where it arrives – it remains objectively dangerous ”.

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