Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Lamorgese: “This summer will be safe. More checks for Easter, 70,000 on the field”

“All prevention measures will be intensified similarly to what happens on the occasion of the most important holidays, with a device of about 70,000 women and men in uniform. And like last year, it will be necessary to take into account the limitations imposed throughout Italy to contain the spread of Covid 19, with specific services planned at the territorial level that will concern, in particular, the urban areas most exposed to the risk of gatherings, parks, the most popular coasts, roads and motorways, railway stations, ports and airports “. The Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese told the Messaggero about the provisions that will be adopted for the next weekend, the national red zone.

Lamorgese invites us not to let our guard down in view of the summer: “Now that an agreement has been reached with the Regions for the use of the pharmacy network, between May and June we should also start vaccinating the age groups of the youngest who, notoriously, move and socialize more than the others “.

In his opinion, the vaccine passport “by ensuring safe travel, could also contribute to the recovery of the tourism sector”. Returning to the approaching “second Easter closed in the house”, the minister admits: “It creates more disorientation, but it is not the time to let your guard down”.

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Then, he rattles off the data of the checks made: “Since 11 March 2020, the police forces, together with the soldiers of Safe Roads and the local police, have carried out almost 40 million checks on people, of which 633 thousand have been sanctioned”. This weekend the spotlight will be focused in particular on “urban areas most exposed to the risk of crowds”, on “roads and motorways, railway stations, ports and airports. Precisely for the evaluation of all these aspects, I called the National Committee for public order and safety for tomorrow morning at the Interior Ministry ”, he announces.

Regarding the sentence that recently established that lying in self-certification is not a crime, Lamorgese replies: “I do not comment on the decisions of the judiciary, I remind myself that we are always talking about false declarations made in front of a public official”



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