Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Last minute written statement after the National Security Council meeting! Here are the decisions made

4.The last stage reached in the Cyprus issue was evaluated, and it was stated that in the upcoming period, it was stated that it is indispensable to put comprehensive and permanent solutions on the basis of two independent states, taking into account the realities in the island and based on equity instead of approaches that have not yielded results for half a century and ignore the Turkish existence .

5. The progress made in the political process in Libya was welcomed; As soon as the security of the Libyan people wrapped the wounds of the civil war, it was expressed in ensuring peace and prosperity will continue to give every support to Turkey.

6. Our sincere call for the development of policies that will ensure the establishment and continuity of the environment of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and solutions in accordance with international law was once again expressed, and attention was drawn to the importance of adopting a common approach that observes the mutual rights and interests of the countries in the region; non-regional countries and international actors have been invited to adopt a neutral and prudent attitude.

7 of our republic institutions, the year of the 100th anniversary in 2023, Turkey’s economic, social and mobilize to all the possibilities for political and rapidly finalizing of the military security of maximizing level studies in line with the national target has underlined the determination. It is presented to the public’s knowledge with respect.

Details are coming …

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