Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Leiden primary schools send classes home because of corona infections | NOW

Entire classes in the Leiden region are regularly sent home because primary education continues to struggle with corona infections.

Last week, half of all primary schools in the country had to send one or more classes home because of corona infections. According to the Leiden school umbrella organizations, this was also the case in the Leiden region.

“One case of infection can mean that you have to send the whole class home”, says Astrid Kalmeijer of PROO, the organization of public primary schools. “It depends on whether others have been within a meter and a half of that student for fifteen minutes.”

Teacher dropout has been reasonably curbed in recent weeks, reports the spokesperson for SCOL, the umbrella organization of denominational schools: “We are pleased with the rapid test that teachers can get in the morning before school. It appears to work very well.”

The main stumbling block is now the infections among students. “It is also sometimes difficult to assess. Could that one child with a positive result have infected others or not? How long have they been together, how close?”, Says Kalmeijer.

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The confessional school umbrella organization SCOL reports Wednesday morning that last week 9 of the 16 primary schools had to send a class home. “But twice this turned out to be unnecessary, because the GGD concluded that there had been no close contact anyway.” The letter to the parents was already out, but the class was still allowed to go back to school. In one case that took a Friday to sit at home.



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