Thursday, March 4, 2021
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‘Let’s all act normal for a moment: nature is NOT a trash can’ | Columns & Opinion

Drops in bags

Nature is also noticing the consequences of corona. Not only do people with their hyperactive children and corona puppies migrate en masse into the forests and dunes, they also leave their waste behind with seemingly problem and unscrupulousness. For example, I have already seen various turds lying in bags. Think about that: put a dog turd in a bag, but then just leave it in the bushes. Then you’re crazy.

Nice opportunity

You seem to be able to throw mouth masks on the street after use. And if you’ve tried to replace the terraces somewhere in a park, you can – no shame, just like at a table – just leave your bullying gang. The people of the city defense service will clear that up – at least they have something to do, right? Or see it as a great opportunity for catering staff who have nothing to do right now.

No message

I just can’t get used to rubbish on the roadside. I keep getting so fed up about it. How did it get there, I ask myself over and over again. The answer is not difficult to guess: it has been knocked down by people who do not care that a bus of Pringles will certainly not be demolished in the next ten years.

Te lam

I imagine how it works, when you are on your bike with a bottle of wine (which of course already gives a bit of a crazy picture, but really, I saw it lying and tidy). Do you think when you have finished the bottle: ‘Well here next to this cycle path is it nice and decorative?’ Or are you just too lame for any thought?

Beautiful score

I just discussed the topic with my 16-year-old daughter. She related how she recently saw a man getting off his bicycle on the way home from school to pick up cans. “It won’t be that many,” she thought. She cycled home for the last five minutes and decided to count them. More than 40 (!) Cans. A nice score.


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From my own research, I dare to say with a probability bordering on certainty that about 80% of these cans were energy drinks. That gives you just not enough energy to make it to a trash can. I already hate this particular product, but the over-representation in our nature doesn’t make it any better.


Empty cigarette packs, your complete Mac Donalds menu, bags from the supermarket, chip bags, coffee-to-go cups: according to many people, it thrives on the street. That hassle also of holding something or putting it in your pocket until you can put it correctly. I once saw a woman change her child in the back seat and throw the diaper behind her before driving off. WHAT DO YOU SEE?

World upside down

Not so long ago I heard someone tell you that it is best to cut or loosen the loops of your mouth mask after use. If you don’t, an animal can get entangled in it. I heard it shaking my head. Why would you completely dismantle such a mouth mask, but not just keep it in your pocket and throw it away at home? The world upside down.

Pay for litter

And speaking of the world upside down, in our municipality we will soon be paying per waste bag and nowadays they do not come to collect the garbage even every two, but once every three weeks. We are a family with three children and just (not) manage with that. If we also take some bags of litter with us in a good deed, we may dock for it. This makes it very attractive to leave the mess behind.

No trash can

What if Red Bull bet on cleaning up your mess with marketing. What if parents sit around the table with their children tonight and discuss the topic with them? What if we close the next massive meeting in the Vondelpark with closed gates that only open again when EVERY crumpled piece of paper, empty salad container or sticky Prosecco bottle has been taken with us. What if municipalities start rewarding the collection of litter instead of punishing it? What if we just start acting normal together. Nature is NOT a trash can.


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