Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Let's approve the Zan Law, let's build a cultural revolution

Let’s approve the Zan Law, let’s build a cultural revolution

It is common for a boy or girl to be bullied due to their sexual orientation or prejudices that are rooted in gender roles, but that violence becomes immediately invisible, because that violence has no specific name.

In fact, we hear very often about “stunts”, “jokes”, “scuffles”, but we never hear the appropriate words used: homophobia, transphobia, homo / bi / lesbo / transphobic bullying.

It is a deeply unjust condition that isolates the victims and marginalizes them. The lucky ones (and talking about luck, in this case, returns the figure of a sad contradiction) have the opportunity to surround themselves with affections and communities capable of representing a support network, but others do not.

For them and for everyone and everyone, the Zan law against homobilesbotransphobia can represent a step forward towards that cultural revolution that must be given place in the country. A law cannot prevent violence, but it can first of all dispel the blanket of hypocrisy that hides the toxic behaviors that lead to violence.

We need to focus on the idea of ​​educating the new generations to a healthier and more inclusive affectivity, because there is no normality and even less there are forms of normative sexuality.

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Obviously, the League opposes this and creates obstructionism in the Senate to avoid the approval of the law. I think that hatred and marginalization of the poorest of rights are also part of a broad political vision, made up of existential precariousness, loneliness and prevarication. A political vision contrary to everything I believe in. Pillon and Salvini stop playing on people’s skin. Let’s schedule the Zan bill as soon as possible and approve it.



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