Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Lewandowski didn’t fiddle, and it costs a lot now

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Knowing the antecedents, the duke hoop around the entry, it was easy to think that Robert Lewandowski’s “minor knee injury” was a hoax that prevented him from playing for the Polish national football team in today’s World Cup qualifiers in England. But since then, the striker’s club, Bayern Munich, has said the player must miss at least four weeks. So there was no conspiracy, but there is trouble. And with that, the breaking of Gerd Müller’s legendary goal record can also jump.

Weeks before the World Cup qualifiers at the end of March, articles had been written in Germany and Poland about the fate of Robert Lewandowski. The Poles are playing in England today, and from there, the striker should have been quarantined for ten days when he returned to his club, Bayern Munich. With that, Lewandowski would have missed important matches, including the weekend Bundesliga rally against RB Leipzig and the first act of the BL quarter-finals against PSG. Thus, already at the announcement of the national team frame, rumors spread that the leader of the Polish national team would not travel to England. Then it seemed that though, and then came the news of the “minor knee injury,” which unfortunately had to head to Munich instead of London.

“Of course…,” many might have thought in disbelief that this was really just a matter of Bayern Munich’s interests taking precedence over his national team, and Lewandowski would already be playing against Leipzig at Saturday’s league standings anyway. Although it would not have required a foul injury, FIFA has ruled that clubs can reassign their players to the national team, so Péter Gulácsi, Willi Orbán and Roland Sallai are not there in Andorra today.

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It turned out last night that Bayern did not cunningly want to call Lewandowski back, but was really injured. You have to skip at least four weeks, which is much more than a ten-day quarantine, slipping into a rematch against PSG and a counter against Leverkusen, among others.

Plus, Lewandowski’s big record-breaking attempt could fail. Gerd Müller became the top scorer of the Bundesliga in 1972, and no one has known anything since. The Polish now counts 35 hits after 26 rounds, making the top decision seem almost certain. So on the other hand, if he really can’t play by the end of April, he will have only three games left in May to score a minimum of five goals and six to make a record decision. Against Mönchengladbach, Freiburg and Augsburg, this is not impossible, but we can no longer take the money to succeed.



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