Monday, April 19, 2021
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List of Polsek in Aceh to Papua whose investigations have been officially revoked by the National Police Chief – The National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, officially ordered that his staff at the police stations in Indonesia no longer carry out the investigation process. There are at least 1,062 polsek throughout Indonesia whose investigative authority has been officially revoked. Thousands of polsek are now only assigned to maintain security and public order or Kamtibmas.

This policy is stated in the Decree of the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo Number: Kep / 613 / III / 2021 concerning the Appointment of Sector Police Only to Maintain Public Security and Order in Certain Areas (Not Conducting Investigations). The letter was signed by Listyo on March 23, 2021.

“Polsek that do not conduct investigations in terms of authority and implementation of their duties are guided by the Chief of Police Letter Number: B / 1092 / II / REN.1.3. / 2021 dated February 17, 2021 regarding the Chief of Police’s directive regarding the authority of certain Polsek,” Listyo said in his statement to reporters on Wednesday. (31/3/2021).

Listyo explained that the decision was made based on Law Number 2 of 2002 concerning the Indonesian National Police.

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Furthermore, Presidential Regulation Number 52 of 2010 concerning the Organizational Structure and Work Procedures of the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia as amended by Presidential Regulation Number 5 of 2017 concerning Amendments to Presidential Regulation Number 52 of 2010 concerning the Organization and Work Procedures of the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia.

On the other hand, this is also Listyo’s priority program related to the field of transformation, institutional structuring programs, activities to strengthen Polsek and Polres as the front line of Polri services with an action plan to change the police’s authority only to maintain security and security in certain areas, not to carry out investigations.

The following is a list of Polsek that are not authorized to carry out investigations:

  1. Aceh: 80 Polsek
  2. North Sumatra: 19 Polsek
  3. West Sumatra: 22 Polsek
  4. Riau: 20 Polsek
  5. Jambi: 15 Polsek
  6. South Sumatra: 22 Polsek
  7. Bengkulu: 15 Polsek
  8. Lampung: 16 Polsek
  9. Bangka Belitung Islands: 21 Polsek
  10. Riau Islands: 9 Polsek
  11. West Java: 81 Polsek
  12. Central Java: 129 Polsek
  13. DI Yogyakarta: 4 Polsek
  14. East Java: 209 Polsek
  15. Banten: 8 Polsek
  16. Bali: 1 Police
  17. West Nusa Tenggara: 8 Polsek
  18. East Nusa Tenggara: 25 Polsek
  19. West Kalimantan: 27 Polsek
  20. South Kalimantan: 59 Polsek
  21. Central Kalimantan: 16 Polsek
  22. East Kalimantan: 5 Polsek
  23. North Kalimantan: 10 Polsek
  24. North Sulawesi: 26 Polsek
  25. Central Sulawesi: 20 Polsek
  26. South Sulawesi: 14 Polsek
  27. Southeast Sulawesi: 15 Polsek
  28. Gorontalo: 14 Polsek
  29. West Sulawesi: 33 Polsek
  30. Maluku: 17 Polsek
  31. North Maluku: 10 Polsek
  32. Papua: 80 Polsek
  33. West Papua: 12 Polsek



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