Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Technology Mac users with SoC M1 may lose older apps

Mac users with SoC M1 may lose older apps

With the SoC M1, Apple has trod a path to independence in the field of processors. So you have one more component of yours and that you control completely, from design to production and assembly on the new Macs.

To help with the transition, Apple created Rosetta 2, which allows you to use older apps, converting them. The problem is that now Apple will be preparing to remove this element and without any justification. With the move, they may have to stop using older apps.

The end of Rosetta 2 on macOS?

The change that has now been discovered will reach users with macOS 11.3. This update is now in testing so that it will be released in its definitive form very soon. The news is not many, but there is a special one that may limit macOS in the future.

In the midst of many indications, there appear to be strings that show a big change coming soon. Apple will be preparing to remove Rosetta 2 and thus limit the use of apps that had not been changed to run natively on the new Macs with SoC M1.

Apple did not comment on the reason for the change

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There is no stated reason for this change that is on the way, but many point to a possible reason. Apple will remove Rosette 2 for legal reasons and to avoid legal problems. Information on macOS is still scarce at this point.

The most curious thing is that this change does not appear to be global. In the macOS 11.3 code there are clear references that this change will be made only in some markets where Apple sells its computers. There is still no list of countries where users will be affected.

Essential for Macs with SoC M1

As an element that translates x86 apps into the new ARM architecture, Rosetta 2 is essential. It allows these apps to be available to users and thus being able to meet their needs and address their needs.

It is still a recent information and as such Apple has not yet commented on this change. It is also not known in which new version of macOS this change will arrive. It is not a positive thing for the new Macs with SoC M1, for macOS and especially for users who are left without many apps that can be considered essential.



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