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Home Technology Maeve's hidden son is so disgusting he might appeal to Homelander

Maeve’s hidden son is so disgusting he might appeal to Homelander

Maeve, in season 2 of The Boys, is experiencing a very interesting treatment. The queen thought she had seen it all and had completely resigned herself to her role in The Seven, before Stella came on stage. The latter upset Maeve, giving her back a pinch of hope, and reminding her of the feeling of injustice she had felt a few years earlier.

Warning: this article contains spoils for the first two seasons of The Boys, and the comics of the same name.

Maeve’s son in the comics

In the comic The Boys, Queen Maeve has a secret son named Blarney Cock, who might have the most absurd story in the comic book series. The story of Blarney Cock not only involves being killed and resurrected, but also presents some events which are among the most depraved comics.

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To understand how Blarney Cock has come to this, we must first take stock of Maeve’s sentimental life. In the comics, Queen Maeve shares brief love affair with Homelander, then gets assaulted by Black Noir. She also becomes an alcoholic after Homelander refused to save the plane that was hijacked on September 11. Queen Maeve ends up resisting Homelander (as in the series) thanks to the support of Starlight, and finally, the comics reveal that Maeve has a secret son who was also a superhero: Blarney Cock. Even if the latter is also a Supe, Maeve is absolutely not proud of him.

Blarney has powers that involve fleeing quickly (and later, resurrection powers). He participates in team orgies, takes hard drugs, and is not really a “recommendable” person. In the sixth issue of the series, Hughie accidentally kills Blarney. As Blarney lies dead on the ground, a hamster pops out of his pants. The latter came straight out of Blarney’s anus, which was keeping him warm. The hamster was later adopted by Hughie, who took pity on him (and we understand that).

You might think that the story of Blarney Cock stop there, but it would be too simple to The Boys. The depraved supe later returns to the comic book series as a zombie. He breaks into Hughie’s apartment and urinates on the floor in an attempt to retrieve his hamster. Hughie then breaks his neck, and burns him to prevent his body from returning once again to seek revenge. Blarney Cock was a disgusting Supe but it must be said that Maeve never really took care of him (as far as we know). If she had played an active role in his life, he might not have fallen in the same ways.

Will this depraved son appear in season 3 of The Boys ?

Given that Queen Maeve is currently blackmailing The Protector with the video in which he decides to let all the passengers on a plane die, if the latter knew of the disillusioned Queen’s hidden son, the consequences could be dire. Since the beginning of The Boys, Maeve is clear on the subject: She and The Protector had an affair, and since then, she’s afraid of being around someone else, and that they find out. Homelander’s jealous nature thus prevents him from fully living out his romantic relationships; the relationship between Maeve and Elena has also suffered within season 2.

If the Protector finds out that Maeve has a son, who is already relatively old moreover (which implies that she had an affair with another man shortly after him), the latter could go into a rage. What is more, The Protector could threatening Maeve with going after her son if the latter did not put a definitive end to the blackmail it exerts on him. The Protector could pretend to like Blarney a lot, and his totally depraved side, in order to strengthen his hold on Maeve. In a very short time, the roles could therefore be reversed. In any case, we are already looking forward to discovering season 3 to find out if Eric Kripke introduced this character, or not.



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