Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Marine Le Pen sees “Eastern European” sovereignty as an example to follow

Marine Le Pen sees “Eastern European” sovereignty as an example to follow

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Marine Le Pen undoubtedly thought of Hungary as the second best vaccinated country in the European Union when, in a television interview, he sharply criticized the French and Brussels vaccination campaigns, citing “Eastern European countries” as examples, which Le Pen said accelerated in an exemplary manner. to immunize the population by “sovereignly ordering vaccines from other manufacturers, not just through Brussels, which has clearly failed to procure vaccines.”

Le Pen strongly criticized the French government’s “catastrophic” solutions. According to Le Pen, “nothing happened” during the national quarantines, the treatment of the epidemic consisted in the government obliging the country to stay home.

At the time of the first quarantine, there was no testing, no masks, and now – as much of France is once again under severe restrictions – the shock-fighting vaccination campaign is missing.

French opposition leader says exemplary vaccine procurement in Eastern Europe Pictured Marine Le Pen, president of the French National Concentration Party (RN), holds a press conference on a new political movement called L’Avenir Francais (French Future), which brings together smaller right-wing parties in Paris 2021 March 22)
Photo: MTI / EPA / Ian Langsdon

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The presenter’s objection that the lack of vaccines and not the French government could be blamed for the slowness of the vaccination, as the vaccine had to be ordered via Brussels and the consignments had to wait,

Without hesitation, Le Pen cited the “Eastern European” practice as an example to follow, in which Central European countries actually ordered life-saving vaccines from Russia and China, independent of the latest clumsiness in Brussels and the minimal amount of vaccines coming from there.

The leader of the French opposition said that if the country was to be shut down, it had to be accepted, but no one could theorize during the shutdown: the population had to be massively and continuously vaccinated.

And if, due to Brussels’ fault, there is not enough vaccine available, France will also have to buy Russian and Chinese vaccines.



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