Sunday, April 11, 2021
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We know since Árpád Göncz that in the time of national governments, freedom of the press was trampled on here. In 1993, the late head of state complained to the Italian liberal newspaper La Stampa about attacks on opposition media. (Which was interesting because, with the exception of New Hungary, Pest Hírlap and Csurka Hungarian Forum, they controlled the entire press.) Later, in the MSZP-SZDSZ times, there was “no problem” with the media, since the 2010 Fidesz governments. in turn, independent journalism is once again suffering from rabbiism due to censorship in Orban. (You know this from there, because all the domestic opposition newspapers, radio and television write, talk about it, swear.
Would someone say: is there a government-swaying vile that he has not yet put under the press, could not say into a microphone, on a camera in the border castles of an opposition journalist “the remaining” (dozens)?

Now the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, some Dunja Mijatovics, is worried about the situation of the Hungarian press. I would not go into the description of the building donkeys, just a few interesting things… It is not nice – writes the Commissioner – that Péter Krekó, the head of Political Capital, became the “target of the government media”. Your destination? We were just shocked by his vile statement: “If you undermine people’s willingness to vaccinate themselves, Viktor Orbán could bear the political consequences.” That’s what he said, we added ourselves. Another accusation: sanctions for spreading horror during the epidemic “restricted freedom of speech”. You can say that. Horror spreaders were asked not to lie. Or is it a European value?

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