Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Media: Kurds do not want to separate mothers and children

On Tuesday, the government set up a working group to work to bring children in Syria to Denmark.

According to Berlingske, the Kurdish self-government rejects that children with Danish connections in the prison camps in the area can be brought to Denmark without their mothers.

It writes the newspaper on Tuesday. On the same day as the government and a number of parties have entered into an agreement to set up a working group with the aim of investigating how the children can be brought to Denmark without their meeting.

– We have no law that allows us to separate children from their mothers unless the mothers are convicted. We can not do it and we will not do it.

– It is not enough that the mothers accept it. There must be weighty and treatment-demanding health reasons in each individual case, says Foreign Minister of the Kurdish self-government in the region Abdulkarim Omar to Berlingske.

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Tuesday’s agreement in Denmark is the culmination of several weeks of pressure from the government’s support parties to get the children home. They are in the al-Hol and al-Roj concentration camps because their parents have traveled down to fight for Islamic State.

However, the Social Democrats and a large majority in the Folketing will under no circumstances have their parents in Denmark. However, complying with applicable law and international conventions can be very difficult.

The pressure on the government has ended with the establishment of a working group which, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must find out by 15 May whether:

– Evacuation of the Danish children without their parents on the basis of an individual assessment can be carried out in a safe manner and within the framework of Denmark’s convention obligations, prepare concrete models for this and take relevant steps to prepare for evacuations.

But according to the Kurdish self-government that runs the camps and right now is responsible for children and parents, that solution is not possible to find.

– We have decided that we do not separate the children from the mothers. It only happens in humanitarian and special cases, and it requires the mother’s permission, says vice president of self-government, Badran Jayakurd, to TV2 on Tuesday.

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