Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Medical facilities are likely to receive compensation for loss of income

Updates: 31.03.2021 15:43

Prague – Medical facilities are likely to receive compensation from insurance companies this year for loss of income caused by the coronavirus crisis. The Senate quickly approved the government’s draft, according to which the Ministry of Health will be able to issue a so-called compensatory decree, just like last year. The bill will now be signed by the president.

The law imposes on health insurance companies that they have an obligation to compensate healthcare providers for costs. Insurance companies and medical facilities will also be able to agree on the amount of compensation outside the decree.

The senators for the Mayors demanded from the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for YES) that they would not be paid the promised rewards of 75,000 crowns for deployment during the coronavirus crisis from compensation, but from other state sources. Blatný stated that in May at the latest, approximately 12 billion crowns of remuneration will be paid directly from state money to health care providers in inpatient facilities and roughly the same amount through a bonus for services provided in non-inpatient care under the current compensatory decree.

The chairwoman of the KDU-ČSL senators, Šárka Jelínková, demanded that the Ministry not forget Blatný’s compensation for home and hospice care providers. According to the minister, the decree will remember this. Senators also called on the minister to allow non-contact sports and open playgrounds.

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The new reimbursement decree is necessary due to the fact that it cannot be used according to the Ministry of Health. It was created last year on the basis of agreements between health insurance companies and healthcare providers and did not anticipate high costs for the treatment of patients in the next wave of the covid-19 epidemic. In reality, last year, insurance companies spent 352 billion crowns, 5.5 billion crowns more than originally planned. Since the end of the year, hospitals have had to discontinue care that can be postponed. According to estimates from the explanatory memorandum, the total revenue is about 3.2 billion crowns a month. “It will take at least two years before we catch up with what we had to postpone this year,” Blatný said of the scope of deferred health care.

The decree should also regulate reimbursements for branches of outpatient care, such as emergency medical services, laboratories or surgeries, in order to reward healthcare professionals for the duration of the epidemic. In the accompanying resolution, the House requested that it take into account the remuneration of paramedics. In addition, according to the lower house, the Ministry of Health should allow the provision of spa rehabilitation treatment to patients who have undergone covid-19.

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