Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Home Breaking News Minds 13 dies in accident with crowded SUV in California

Minds 13 dies in accident with crowded SUV in California

An SUV with 25 people has collided with a truck. 13 have been confirmed dead while several others have been injured.

At least 13 people were killed Tuesday in a collision between a crowded SUV and a truck in Holtville, Southern California. Several others have been injured.

It informs local authorities according to the news agency Reuters.

The accident happened near the border with Mexico, says head of the traffic authorities’ border department Omar Watson.

The killed are between 20 and 55 years old, and among the injured are several minors.

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Omar Watson says several of those killed in the crash were thrown out of the vehicle.

Most of the survivors are Spanish-speaking, a spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

According to Omar Watson, it is too early to say whether the many passengers in the SUV were migrants from Mexico.

In total, there were 25 children and adults in the SUV.

It is unknown how many passengers were trapped in the SUV, which according to The New York Times was registered to carry seven or eight passengers.

An SUV is reminiscent of a large station wagon.

– This is a major accident, concludes CEO of El Centro Regional Medical Center Adolphe Edward according to the news agency dpa.

At least 11 people have been hospitalized with injuries after the accident.

Four people have been flown by helicopter to Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs. The three of them are in intensive care, the hospital informs.

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