Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Ministry: no changes to AstraZeneca vaccination in the Netherlands | Inland

The Paul Ehrlich Institute, a medical regulator, reported 31 cases of brain thrombosis in people who had been given the vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company on Tuesday. With the exception of two cases, these were women, aged 20 to 63 years. Nine people have died. Because of that news, federal states such as Brandenburg and cities such as Munich and Berlin decided not to give anyone an AstraZeneca shot for the time being. Canada has not stung at 55-miners since Monday.

The Young

On 14 March, outgoing corona minister De Jonge (VWS) also decided to suspend the use of the drug, after reports of serious thrombosis in combination with bleeding in Scandinavia in people who had just been vaccinated. However, the European medicines authority EMA concluded four days later that it was safe to continue injecting, after which our country started again last week.

For the time being, the reports from Germany do not constitute a reason to adjust the policy in relation to AstraZeneca, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport reports. “Our information about the vaccine is exactly the same as since the resumption. It has not changed. The vaccine is safe and effective. We also rely on the science of the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB, ed.) And the EMA. ”

‘Waiting for EMA’

The MEB states in a response that it wishes to wait for the EMA in this matter. “Sometime in the week of April 6, that organization will draw a conclusion on all current and new reports of side effects from AstraZeneca, such as thrombosis. We will continue to monitor that closely. ”

Interesting detail: in January the German vaccination committee recommended not to vaccinate people over 65 years of age with the AstraZeneca vaccine, because there was too little information to properly assess how effective the drug would be in the elderly. In the meantime, that country, like the Netherlands, has returned to those doubts and is also being administered to the elderly.

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