Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Home Business Ministry of Public Health countered 1 million doses of freeze-dried vaccine.

Ministry of Public Health countered 1 million doses of freeze-dried vaccine.

The Ministry of Public Health countered that “1 million doses of the vaccine hold stock” is not true. Confident injecting 10 million doses per month, people ask people not to believe the information is untrue. Create a negative picture of the public health system Will affect disease control

Today (March 31, ’20) in a press conference on the situation of COVID-19 infection. At the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Chawet Sannam, the government’s official representative of the Director of the Disease Control Division And health hazards in emergencies Department of Disease Control said that from the case it was said. The government has delayed the provision and vaccination of COVID. Therefore, it is concluded that a COVID vaccine has been allocated. Provides service units from 28 Feb-30 Mar 2021 by allocating 190,720 sinovac vaccines in 13 provinces and 85,880 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in 5 provinces. At 180,477 doses from February 28 to March 30, 2021, separated into the number 1 needle, number 151,413 and the number 2, 29,064 cases.

“Someone has observed why there are so few vaccines. How to cover the target population of 60 million doses? I must say that if you look at the detailed plan This is the time when the vaccines are not able to gradually come. But how much you get, then fully injected it according to the target When the big vaccine comes Can be confident that he will achieve the target In our vaccine plan we have to say many times: 2 million doses of sinovac, which is not in one million, divided into February 200,000 doses. S Most recently, in March, 800,000 doses have just been certified by the Department of Medical Sciences. And it has just been distributed and will start injections on April 1 and will come again. Therefore, to say that the stock still holds 1 million doses is not true. It has set a guideline for injection. Go ahead and spray according to the power Under tight control “

Dr. Chao Tasan said that the part who is not sure how to get the COVID vaccine to meet the target, 10 million doses per month, I must say that apart from Sinovac. AstraZeneca, the number will gradually be divided into 2 periods: first June – August, which June will have 6,000,000 doses, July and August, 10,000,000 million per month. Dosages and during the two Sep.-Nov. 10,000,000 doses per month and Dec 5,000,000 doses, so the number of injections will increase. For those who are not sure how we can inject, 10 million doses per month here, the Ministry of Education calculated that If about 1,000 public hospitals injected 500 doses a day, and in a month just injections from Monday to Friday, 5 days, 4 weeks in a month, 10 million doses, then we are confident that the service will meet the target. If the injection is safe and confident, it will expand to service at Tambon Health Promoting Hospital as another way to increase the service point for people to have the convenience of accessing the service without having to travel far.

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Therefore, having incorrect information is not up to date. And then there was a negative publicity. Not confident in the public health system This will be a serious problem to control the outbreak. Because vaccines are the tools each country has been waiting for and hoping to get. Each country has measures to provide services to the population of their country. And have had negotiations before that We urge people to trust information from certified sources. Properly supervised Do not believe information from people who speak verbally or misunderstand. Did not study the information fully. And keep talking in the negative



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