Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Home Business Mobile carriers spur targeting the global cloud market

Mobile carriers spur targeting the global cloud market

KT and Vietnam FPT join forces for B2B service
SKT opens enterprise software online trading market

KT will enter the ASEAN Enterprise (B2B) cloud market in earnest in partnership with Vietnam’s No. 1 ICT (Information Communication Technology) provider. Domestic IT companies, led by domestic mobile carriers, are moving in earnest to target the global cloud market worth 80.8 billion dollars.

On the 31st, KT announced that it signed a business agreement (MOU) with’FPT Smart Cloud’, a subsidiary of the FPT group, and started a B2B cloud service in Vietnam for local companies. KT, which currently occupies 70% of the domestic public and financial cloud market, plans to make Vietnam a bridgehead for entry into the ASEAN cloud market through an alliance with the FPT group.

KT plans to promote a project so that services such as public cloud and financial cloud, which have confirmed success in Korea, can be distributed to Vietnam. Moon Seong-wook, head of KT’s Global Business Division, emphasized, “We will expand the competitiveness of Digico KT, the first cloud provider in Korea and the largest IDC provider in Korea, to emerging markets.”

Not only KT, but also mobile carriers and IT companies are eager to develop their own platforms and build data centers to target the cloud market.

On this day, SK Telecom opened the ‘5GX Cloud Marketplace’, an online marketplace for enterprise software trading, where service-type software can be traded.

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The enterprise software that SK Telecom is focusing on is a service that users pay a subscription fee for the functions they need for a specific period and borrow the software. For companies, it is possible to reduce initial costs such as software license purchase and infrastructure investment, and management burden.

NHN, which entered the Japanese and North American cloud markets in 2019, recently declared 1 trillion won in annual sales through its cloud business. In the future, NHN plans to expand its infrastructure by building data centers in Gimhae and Gwangju, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Cloud service refers to a service that allows you to freely use servers and software through the Internet. There is no need for inconvenient storage devices or software applications, and you can use the content and software you want anytime, anywhere. In particular, in the B2B business, global IT companies are vigorously jumping because of the marketability that corporate customers can enjoy the effects of reducing IT costs required for server operation and protecting personal information.

Reporter Kim Gun-ho [email protected]

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