Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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More and more primary school children are returning to schools: 63,000 this week

As in the previous week, the safe return model is applied in 44 schools in 12 municipalities – ten institutions more than last week. Almost half of these schools (19) are in Vilnius. In three of the above-mentioned municipalities – Alytus city, Plungė district, Vilkaviškis district – education in several schools is organized by way of safe return, testing by piles, although it is not mandatory according to the Government resolution, as the incidence is lower in these municipalities.

Without preventive research by the cumulative method, mixed education takes place in 437 schools of 45 municipalities, 94% of them attend. the primates of all these municipalities.

When organizing education, not all classes come to school on a daily basis: distance and contact education can be changed according to a pre-agreed schedule, with one class contacting one week and another contacting. It depends on the school’s capabilities and the community’s consensus on how best to ensure safe conditions for children and staff.

Since last week, contact counseling for graduates has been allowed in all municipalities, with a maximum of five students.

Preliminary March 29. According to data, 157 gymnasiums in 48 municipalities use this opportunity. Consultations are organized as needed, with the agreement of the teacher and the graduates. In some municipalities (Panevėžys city, Radviliškis district), graduates expressed a wish to start consultations at the end of the educational process, approaching the examination session, ie in May – June. Some gymnasiums plan to start contact consultations after the Easter holidays.

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