Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Home Breaking News Motorist who crashed into PowNed reporter comes to court | NOW

Motorist who crashed into PowNed reporter comes to court | NOW

The motorist who hit a PowNed reporter in front of the Sionkerk in Urk last Sunday must appear before the police judge. The man was arrested last Sunday and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) now has judged that he must also justify himself in court.

On Sunday, some Reformed congregations reopened their churches to their community, despite the corona measures.

The media were among others at the Sion Church in Urk and the Mieras Church in Krimpen aan den IJssel to ask questions to churchgoers. Almost without exception, they reacted very disapprovingly, with several reporters even being mistreated.

The motorist who hit the PowNed reporter is suspected of assault and / or threat, according to the Central Netherlands Public Prosecution Service.

One of the main differences between a police judge and a regular judge is that the police judge only conducts criminal cases in which a maximum prison sentence of twelve months can be imposed. The sessions of the magistrate are public.

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The case concerning the mistreatment of a Rijnmond reporter by a churchgoer in Krimpen aan den IJssel, also last Sunday, will be dealt with in a closed hearing.

‘Reporter displayed reprehensible behavior’

The Gereformeerde Gemeente Urk has stated in a statement that it “radically rejects all forms of illegal violence”. But the church said in the same statement that the PowNed reporter “deliberately, provocatively, jumped in front of the parking car.”

“This reporter showed that reprehensible behavior in several cars and people, to the great dismay and growing annoyance of congregants coming to church. This practice recognized and shared the Safety Triangle with us.”



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