Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Business "Mufasa", a video clip recorded entirely with Samsung mobiles

“Mufasa”, a video clip recorded entirely with Samsung mobiles

Marketing and publicityImage of the filming with a Samsung of “Mufasa”, the new Aron Piper

The video clip for “Mufasa”, a song by also actor Aron Piper, has broken all the molds as it was recorded entirely with Samsung mobiles.

The capacity of smartphone cameras never ceases to amaze us day by day. The last historical event has been «Mufasa», the new musical work of the also actor Aron Piper, which represents a revolution in audiovisual production. The video clip, produced by 37 Films, has been Entirely recorded using Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G device cameras.

This project, behind which is the creative agency Pelonius, has been directed by the director Guillermo Mendo, who has accepted the challenge of creating an audiovisual production using only mobile technology. Specific, there are four rear cameras (main, wide angle and two telephoto lenses) that the aforementioned device has, which shoots and records in 8K quality.

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In addition, Samsung offers added value with the Space Zoom de x100, also known as the director mode, ideal for close-ups, or the sensor Bright Night, which is intended to ensure better image quality in low light environments.

The main idea behind the video for “Mufasa”, which was shot in The Florida Garden, a house built in 1969, is to take a tour of important moments in Aron’s life. Thus, the house represents your head, your inner world. Each room represents a thought, a memory.

“Filming Mufasa with Aron was a very interesting challenge, getting to visually capture part of Aron’s inner world, investigating the person and leaving the character more to one side. Using visual metaphors and at the same time achieving a fun and fresh look. I am very happy with the result ”, has assured Mendo.

Here is the teaser for the music video, which will be released on March 31:

If you cannot display the embedded video correctly, click here


Creative Agency: Pelonio
Creative director: Alberto Otto
Art Director: Yeray Dorta

Production Company: 37 Films
Director: Guillermo Mendo
Executive Producer: Héctor Bobo
Producer: Josué Corral
Director of Photography: Carlos Feher
Editor: Alejandro Garen
Post-production studio: Sinedie

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