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Must Know, Here’s the Safe and Precise Braking Tricks – Not just opening and closing the gas lever, motorbike users are certainly obliged to understand the braking technique. .

Reporting from the official website of Astra Honda Motor, there are ways to do good braking, so that it does not cause harm to yourself or to other motorists.

So what you need to know is that the purpose of braking is not to stop the motorbike, you know.

Its main purpose is to slow down the vehicle gradually or also known as deceleration.

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Braking Techniques on Motorbikes /
Braking Techniques on Motorbikes /
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The most effective and optimal way is to use the front brake and rear brake at the same time, not pulling or applying deep pressure on the brake lever.

So far, we know that the rear brake is most effectively used to slow down the vehicle. Even though the most effective is to use the front brake.

But it’s not that the driver doesn’t need the rear brake, because this part is more used to balance the vehicle.

Don't Get Slipped sob /
Don’t Get Slipped sob /

In addition, the rear brake is also more effective for use on certain types of roads, for example when going on a downhill road.

Braking with the rear brake while driving at high speed can also be dangerous, because it can make the motorbike unstable and under certain conditions can cause an accident.

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The combination of the two must also be considered, so that you can brake more effectively and can measure the right braking distance.

That’s a safe braking technique. Don’t forget it, OK!



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