Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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MWC 2021: official no of 4 Big, that’s who I am

As is now known the MWC 2020 was deleted. The organizing body of the event, the GSMA, made this decision due to the refusal of several large companies in renouncing to attend the event.

This year, also to buy time, the same organization has decided to postpone the start of the fair from the canonical month of March to the last day of June. Given the current situation, we try to have enough data to take stock when the vaccine machine is at full capacity. The point is that each country is its own and the leaders know that guests from all over the world arrive at the MWC.


GSMA reported that it plans to organize the event with the ability to invite the press and at least the half of the participants which usually can accommodate. Currently to enter Spain you need a swab with negative result within 72 hours prior to travel. Furthermore, upon arrival you will be subjected to a medical check and, only after approval, will you be able to access.

Obviously the restrictions may not be enough and it is therefore very important to make decisions that are consistent with the moment. And looking at what’s going on, with a rapidly growing positivity rate, it’s very likely that we are going to play last year’s script. There are many Big players who start saying no.

The first not to attend will be Ericsson which reported in a note that to safeguard the health of its employees it will not be present in Barcelona at the end of June. Then they joined Nokia e Sony, always for the same reasons. And today is the turn of Google who has announced that he will not bring his team to Barcelona for obvious health reasons.

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We imagine that others will be added to these names in the short term and, once there are many, we expect a decision from the GSMA.

It must also be said, however, that the brands mentioned will not be absent from the fair, they will organize virtual events that will be broadcast during the days of the event.

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