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‘Naegok-dong land controversy’ Oh Se-hoon explained his remarks, “I didn’t know existed” and “Humility before memory”

Regarding the self-compensation controversy for the’Naegok-dong land’, the Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon turned from the existing position of “I didn’t know existed” and said, “I wasn’t in my heart.”

″I didn’t even know existed” → “There was no land in Naegok-dong”

At the Kwanhun debate held on the morning of the 31st, the suspicion of Candidate Oh’s’land in Naegok-dong’ was an issue, and related details came out from the first question. Candidate Oh said, “According to the Democratic Party’s initial assertion, the Cheogatjip would have earned nearly 10 times, but that did not happen.”

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Candidate Oh also said, “When I opened my property when I was holding the election, I knew that 1/8 of the land in Naegok-dong was owned by my wife.” So I didn’t ask. ‘Just, ah, there is an inherited land in the house of Cheogat. It is true that I thought that it is somewhere in Gangnam.”

In the meantime, Candidate Oh said, “In my five years of my tenure, I have never been aware of this (the land of Naegok-dong) and did any administrative action. In other words, it wasn’t in my mind.”

Candidate Se-Hoon Oh also reflected on the problem of his explanation that he said, “I didn’t even know existed,” when the controversy over the’land of Naegok-dong’ first erupted. Candidate Oh said, “At first, I said,’I didn’t even know the existence of the Naegok-dong land.’

Candidate Oh, hasty explanations inflate controversy,’unhappy’

Afterwards, Candidate Oh reflects on the use of the expression’I didn’t know the existence itself’. That expression seems to have served me,” he complained that it was an unavoidable choice for a quick response.

Candidate Oh said, “When I vote, I often get a sudden question at the election site. In that case, even if there is something I want to answer, it takes half a day or a day or two to endure and return to the camp to confirm the order and return. It would have been nice to cope with that,” he said. “At the time (about Naegok-dong), it would spread, but there was a compulsion to deal with it as quickly as possible.”

Candidate Oh said, “Isn’t that a lie? The other person said that they had lied and changed their words, but it was such a great sin to say that they were not conscious of their existence and that they did not know existed.”

Explained “You must be humble before your memory”

Another remark of Candidate Oh, who said, “I think you should be humble in front of memory,” also appeared on the board at the discussion meeting that day. This remark came out on the 29th at the first TV debate with Democratic Party candidate Park Young-sun. When asked if candidate Park Young-seon was enrolled in the Naegok-dong land surveying site at the time, Candidate Oh said, “I didn’t go,” but left an ambiguous statement, “But I think you should be humble in front of your memory.

Candidate Oh said, “In that respect, the misunderstanding must be resolved. As this issue is raised, my wife and I are in a panic. He said, “I am so confused, I am sorry, I am sorry for each other without sins committed. When I go home, my wife notices, and I see my wife.”

Candidate Oh said, “In such a situation, the reason why I expressed that I should be humble in my memory is that the first big brother-in-law definitely went. The father-in-law clearly went, and he said that it was clear that I didn’t remember who went with him.

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