Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology New "cargo" oriented kit that makes every bike an electric bike

New “cargo” oriented kit that makes every bike an electric bike [Video]

One more option is on the agenda for conversion kits that make every bike an electric bicycle. This time CargoDrive has made a sound.

Everybody’s electric bike he has no power to buy. Likewise, most people do not want to change their very good normal bike in order to switch to electricity.

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This is where electric conversion kits come into play. The newest of these CargoDrive, Seeking support on Indiegogo.

The product, which is at the beginning of the way to gather support, electric cargo bike making. In other words, this product focuses directly on freight transport.

In order not to disturb the general balance of the bicycle, it is built on a small tire CargoDriveactually prepared on a simple basis.

We see a bench on a small tire with an electric motor in the middle. Almost anything can be carried on this counter.

CargoDrive electric bike becomes an interesting option

Comes with a carrying capacity of 30 kg and its own weight is 13 kg. CargoDrive, As far as conveyed, it can be easily installed and has a disc brake.

Model technically 250W in power, 32 km/s brings maximum speed and depending on usage and load 36V 10.4 Ah that lithium with battery 60 km offers range.

CargoDrive for at least on Indiegogo $ 1,200 a donation needs to be made. If the commercial version $ 1,900 information is given.



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