Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Technology New personalized playlists arrived by Spotify

New personalized playlists arrived by Spotify

World’s largest online music service Spotifylaunched new personalized playlists today. Here are the things to know;

The company has been playing with brand new personalized playlists for a while Spotify Mix’leri he states that they are working on it. The new personalized playlists released now are inspired by one of the most listened playlists, the Daily Mix.

According to the statement made, starting from today, paid and free users will be able to reach three new mix categories with easily remembered names that will evolve according to their music tastes: Sanatçı mix, music genre mix and ten years mix.

The company for these audience-oriented mix lists “It starts with the songs users love and is updated with the songs they think they will love, so it is constantly evolving with listener inclinations.”

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“As each mix category is updated frequently; It consists of playlists that include artists, music genres, decades and are prepared specifically for each user. ” making the explanation.

Users can access new categories such as artist mix, music genre mix and ten year mix from the Search section of the “For you” tab.

It may attract your attention

Spotify is making another plan

Behind this plan is a Clubhouse rival application. The company bought into the voice chat area Betty Labs company and later the name will change Locker Room will be included with the app.

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