Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home World New vaccination rules against COVID-19. The government is introducing revolutionary changes

New vaccination rules against COVID-19. The government is introducing revolutionary changes

There will be new vaccination points against COVID-19. It will be possible, among others vaccinations in workplaces, vaccination points in pharmacies. Nurses and paramedics will also be able to vaccinate, announced the government.

In Poland, more than 2 million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 (these are those who have already taken two doses of the preparation). In April, the vaccines of another company, Johnson & Johnson, should be available in our country, which will also help speed up the vaccination process. J&J deliveries are expected from approximately April 18-19. Poland contracted 16 million doses of this vaccine. Initial declarations say that approx. 300,000 jobs will be delivered to Poland in April. doses.

– It is extremely important that we prepare the entire system in a responsible and solidary manner so that we can instill as much of the society as possible. The most important thing is for this program to run smoothly, added the head of government.

– I set a target in front of the ministers that at least 10 million vaccinations could be performed per month. If this is the case, and it depends on the availability of doses, then we will be able to fight COVID-19 quickly and effectively. This is our goal, our task – said Morawiecki.

Dworczyk: Drive-thru vaccinations in Q2

– 6 million doses by the end of the first quarter, today we have achieved this goal – reminded the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Michał Dworczyk. He showed a graph that compares the vaccination rate among residents of social welfare homes and the number of COVID-19 infections in this group.

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– In Q1 the biggest challenge was the availability of the vaccine, now the biggest challenge will be the efficiency. In April, more than 5 million vaccines will arrive in Poland, according to hard schedules. Manufacturers’ declarations say, however, that there may be up to 7 million of their vaccines, he added.

In the first three months, vaccinations were performed in nodal hospitals and temporary hospitals, incl. at the PGE National Stadium, as well as in primary health care facilities (POZ). – We are significantly increasing the number of places where vaccinations will be performed. In each poviat where there is a hospital, there will be one traditional hospital providing vaccinations, as well as one vaccination point organized by the local government. We have reached an agreement with local governments – he mentioned.

– We will introduce drive-thru points, and at some stage in Q2 we will launch vaccinations in the workplace. If an employer with 500 employees or more organizes a vaccination team, he will receive the vaccines. In addition, we will organize vaccination points in pharmacies – he said.

The qualification for vaccination will be accelerated – it is to be done on the basis of a separate questionnaire. Only in case of doubt, those willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 will be referred to a doctor. – It is a proven method, incl. during vaccinations at NATO headquarters, it is a safe method – Dworczyk assured.

Vaccinations will be performed not only by doctors, but also paramedics, pharmacists and paramedics. – Doctors are needed in hospitals. By introducing new professions to the vaccination system, we will be able to increase the efficiency of the system – he added.

– Vaccinations for drive-thru or in random places are performed, among others in France or the USA. We are implementing these proven and safe forms of vaccination in the second quarter, and he also said here – he added.

– From April 12, we start recording the 1962 yearbook, and then for the next two weeks every day we start another group from the next year This is an amendment to the National Immunization Program, conclusions drawn from Q1. The system must be as simple as possible. We gave up stages II and III, and in order to accelerate it, we are introducing population vaccinations right away. We will achieve this goal, which the Prime Minister has set, and by the end of August we will vaccinate all Poles who wish to vaccinate themselves – stated the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.




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