Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Home Business Nike sues manufacturer of sneakers with human blood

Nike sues manufacturer of sneakers with human blood

Nike has denounced the manufacturer of the “satanic” sneakers with human blood that came out as a collaboration between the firm and rapper Lil Nas X. However, the company has denied having authorized this product.

The launch of some sneakers Air Max with human blood on the sole as part of the collaboration between the rapper Lil Nas X and Nike it shocked the entire market. The news has become even more viral if possible when Nike has denied that it has worked with the artist and that, consequently, it has not contributed to removing those shoes called as «Satan Shoes».

The firm has decided to sue MSCHF Product Studio, stating that the company has infringed on trademark rights by registering those sneakers under its name. The complaint does not name Lil Nas X, who in principle has not been charged.

Apparently these sneakers, with the classic silhouette of the Air Max ’97, include a drop of human blood inside the air chamber. In addition, it has an embroidery with the biblical scripture Luke 10:18 on the side that complements the inverted crosses and a steel pentagram on the part of the laces.

Finishing off the links that refer to “Satan”, supposedly there will be only 666 models of these shoes, each one of them unique and unrepeatable. For this reason, one of the sides of the article can read “1/666”, referring to the serial number. As reported NBC News, the 666, with a price of 1,018 dollars each -more than 800 euros-, they sold out in one day, since they went on sale on Monday.

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In its lawsuit, filed in New York, Nike notes that the shoes were made “without the approval and authorization of Nike” and that they have “no relation to this project.” Under this premise, the company has requested that MSCHF immediately stop the orders for the shoes and has claimed a Compensation for damages.

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