Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology No More Thinking: Three Ways to Become Stronger

No More Thinking: Three Ways to Become Stronger

Success in work and personal life depends a lot on how we make decisions. People who are inclined to analyze everything carefully are highly valued in scientific and corporate circles. However, they often have self-doubt, anxiety and impostor syndrome. Here’s how to avoid it.

No More Thinking: Three Ways to Become Stronger

Elena Likhanova

Some studies suggest that executives are twice as likely to experience depression.

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Often, those who do well in school do not do well in real life: they seem to be limiting themselves and not realizing their potential. The higher the intelligence, the harder the choice is.

Usually the reason is thinking: trying to think about the consequences of each decision, in the end we do not do what we would like, or do nothing. These strategies will help you to change attitudes towards life situations and become more decisive.

Find the connection between intuition and quick decision making

Intuition is a skill that can be developed. He comes with experience and practice. In some situations, there is simply no time to think. For example, a firefighter instantly analyzes the situation (perhaps analytical thinking would have given a different result) and takes people out seconds before the explosion of the building.

Flair or intuition will not replace analysis, but they will help you work more efficiently. Before analyzing hundreds of possibilities, it’s best to narrow your sample down to two and think about them.

Understand how to achieve peak performance

Getting into a stream is beneficial to be more productive at work. This is a state of maximum concentration in which we do not keep track of time and give ourselves completely to the task. In a state of flow, many feel most productive, creative, and happy.

Vigorous mental activity will interfere with focus and immersion in work. Those who regularly reach the state of flow first learn to relax the mind. For this, meditation, a walk, or a hot bath are suitable. Relaxation rituals seem to have nothing to do with productivity, but they do help you achieve peak performance.

Do, not think

We often take too long to think about an action before taking it. Think about how many people have been planning to quit their jobs or start their own business for years. Our minds (whose evolutionary mission is to keep us safe) enumerates stories to keep us from acting. While we are at the stage of thinking and planning – in the comfort zone – we feel safe.

This does not help in a work setting. After studying the problem and preparing, you must immediately proceed to action. It is the experience of solving problems, and not inaction, that helps to improve and grow professionally.

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