Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Business Noriaki Yamashita "Toyota will return to be number one in every market"

Noriaki Yamashita “Toyota will return to be number one in every market”


Came officially in our home early last year for “Noriaki Yamashita”, the President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., a type called to get hot taro or hit. The first two bumps in our auto market are being affected by the COVID virus. The second rebound, Toyota’s sales, if split into the sedan and pickup market It turns out that both markets have broken competitors.This does not include the flow that the parent company reported in the filing. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) dated March 18 that the Thailand branch may have violated anti-bribery laws.

Q: How much of an allegation of a branch in Thailand affects the marketing process?

The parent company said it was investigating the matter. Toyota itself is ready to cooperate with government agencies in the inspection. We are trying to ensure that Toyota Thailand has complied with the government’s requirements. And the details are according to the parent company has provided information or not. Which may take some time

Q: Trends in the automotive industry this year

The market situation in Thailand Thanks to the government Doctors who control the virus well. Government measures to control the stimulus of the economy. The overall situation began to improve. And positively impacting the automobile industry This year, Toyota still believes overall car sales will be 850,000-900,000 Kanto 7-14%

Q: This year, Toyota will be able to return to Where can one passenger and pick-up cars be available?

Last year there was an outbreak of COVID. And everyone has to live in the midst of “new normalcy” and must learn modern marketing methods such as using online marketing To make it easy to buy Or spend a little down payment, you can get a car to use

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Toyota itself has introduced the Toyota Connected system into various car models. When equipped with this system, credit is quickly considered. Convenient for consumers For example, the Hilux model has just changed its appearance, it has become popular. We will continue to rely on this flow to increase sales. Along with trying to launch a special model to meet the needs of customers. And build the strongest dealer network From that dealer meeting Everyone is confident that Toyota will be able to regain sales. We have analyzed to adjust the plan, try our best to come back to be “number one”.

Q: What is the pattern to emphasize in particular?

For example, during the first 2 months, Toyota’s total sales Still ranked No. 1, but in the pickup area, it is still behind its competitors. From the analysis of trying to do marketing activities: 1. Develop products that meet the needs of customers. At the end of last year there was a better trend. Consumer behavior has begun to change. Focus on reaching consumers through a more intense online And focus on making packages “Easy Two Buy” And Connected Auto Lone We will focus more on marketing activities in areas such as Toyota Gazoo Racing and cooperating with dealers. As for passenger cars in the medium-sized sedan group Where the main customer is the fleet market This year is expected to come back more.

While the eco car The result of new competitors and customers who bought the first car was sensitive. However This year, Toyota will increase the concentration. And excitement to customers With a special edition design With various packages that will create excitement Both Yaris and ATF at the same time In terms of supporting financial terms – finance Toyota will make it easier for customers to buy cars.

Q: How has it been affected by the chip shortage?

From the company’s efforts As a result, at present there would be no serious impacts. And from now on, there will be coordination with parent company and Toyota Daihatsu (TDEM) to produce the car on time to reach customers with precision.

Q: Investing to enter the electric car market

Toyota is committed to achieving the goals set by the Thai government. And the customer determines that In what system does he want to use the EV? Combined with the problems of various infrastructure systems, Toyota can not customize. But Toyota has developed all kinds of technology. For electric vehicles And ready to present to consumers As of the past, more than 100,000 hybrid cars have been sold in Thailand and over 5,000 are exported. Battery has also been factory made and the 3R core is used to manage old batteries. To prepare for the move to produce batteries by themselves in the country. And Toyota wants to keep the benefits together

Q: Policy to look after the Thai market

In the past, Toyota’s management focused on delivering happiness to Thai people. To benefit the society We view Thailand as a production base for export. And an important automobile development base of ASEAN As for the sale Good sales network ability More emphasis on strengthening And will deliver happiness according to the vision that we have set And the industrial age has changed in the past 100 years, Toyota has evolved from an automobile company to a mobility company.

Q: What is the perspective of electric vehicles? Toyota’s response?

We have various electric driving technologies. Last year announced the Pattaya Model Project. Took a variety of electric vehicles to experiment To study and see which model is suitable for Thailand and which Thai customers should be But we reserve the right not to disclose Which we believe In the end, the customer decides



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