Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Not losing to the Sultan of idols, fans give a Rp.26 million...

Not losing to the Sultan of idols, fans give a Rp.26 million blanket to Aurel

Suara.com – It is no secret that Aurel Hermansyah is an artist with an expensive fashion style. He is often nicknamed “the sultan” because he was caught in possession of goods at fantastic prices.

No less than Aurel, fans of this beautiful artist are also very fashion literate. It was proven that when they gave gifts to their idols, they chose world-class fashion products at unusual prices.

This fact is known from Instagram account uploads @outfit_aureliehermansyah on Wednesday (31/3/2021). This account reports that fans of Aurel and Atta Halilintar named AHHA EMAK INDONESIA present branded blankets.

Actually, Aurel and Atta fans have already uploaded about their prizes via their Instagram account @ahha.emakindonesia on Tuesday (30/3/2021). Then account @outfit_aureliehermansyah just browse the details of the series and its price.

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Aurel Hermansyah got a luxurious gift from fans ahead of the wedding.  (Instagram/@ahha.emakindonesia)
Aurel Hermansyah got a luxurious gift from fans ahead of the wedding. (Instagram/@ahha.emakindonesia)
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From account uploads @outfit_aureliehermansyah It is known that the blanket that was given to Aurel cost Rp. 26.6 million. This luxurious blanket is made of merino wool which is claimed to be the finest wool and cashmere (wool from rare cashmere sheep).

This fact clearly attracts the attention of netizens on social media. They are busy giving comments regarding the fans’ luxurious gifts for Aurel, who will soon be getting married.

Details of Aurel Hermansyah's luxury gifts from fans.  (Instagram / @ outfit_aureliehermansyah)
Details of Aurel Hermansyah’s luxury gifts from fans. (Instagram / @ outfit_aureliehermansyah)

Beyond the usual AEI, “praised a citizen.

The fans of the AHHA duo are amazing. Can’t help unfortunately .. the totality is unlimited, “said another.

Wao is crazy this is not a tin of fans AHHA,“another continued.

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O Allah, you are great..not like that. My mind is far away..love you, AEI, “concluded another.

Meanwhile, Aurel and Atta are planning to get married on April 4. The couple’s wedding ceremony is reportedly going to be held at the Continental Hotel, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.



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