Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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“Now” Iskander “will rush”: social networks all day followed the battle at Mytishchi

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On March 30, in the cottage village “Novye Veshki” near Mytishchi, near Moscow, for half a day there was a real battle.

The 61-year-old Vladimir Bardanov, who lives there, was suspected of illegal arms trafficking. Previously, he was the head of the private security company, and he could have had “trunks” left.

The police came to his house with a search, but the man barricaded himself in the house and started firing back from automatic weapons. According to media reports, Bardanov also threw two grenades at the fighters of the special forces of the Russian Guard, who arrived to storm the pensioner’s house.

When the shooting began, the shooter’s relatives were in the house in Veshki. Soon the shooter’s wife, daughter and grandson left the house. And one more detail – there could be wild animals on the territory – according to the testimony of neighbors, Bardanov kept tigers and bears there.

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The fight went on with interruptions for about eight hours. As a result, a resident of the Moscow region, who offered fierce resistance to the security forces, died in the fire. One of the special forces soldiers was wounded.

“When a fire started in the house, he was asked to surrender. He refused to go out, stayed in the burning part of the house. Previously, he was killed, “- quoted a source in law enforcement media.

Against the man born in 1960 acted: the special forces of the National Guard “Lynx”, “Bulat” and “Zubr”. As well as employees of the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee.

It was not possible to take the house by storm and detain Bardanov for the whole day. Therefore, a grenade launcher was fired at the cottage several times. The house burst into flames, firemen were not allowed to approach it. The storming men thus hoped to “smoke” the shooter out of the building.

But he never came out. His body was found in a burnt house.

The clash in Veshki near Mytishchi attracted the attention of social media users. The main question is obvious – how did several special forces fail to take one pensioner?



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