Monday, March 8, 2021
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Nurse writes the marriage proposal to the colleague on the gown: “Lorenzo, will you marry me?”

“I didn’t think I was provoking all this interest, it must have been just a nice thing between me and my colleagues, but I’m happy anyway: I hope all this is read as a message of hope”. The photo of the nurse with the inscription ‘Lorenzo will you marry me’, Chiara Vangeli, from Asst Valle Olona, ​​who is currently engaged with a team in mass vaccination in Viggiù (Varese), went around the web.

Once you arrive in the village of Valceresio, put on your smock (or tutona as she calls it), when writing your names on it, your colleagues put the phrase ‘Lorenzo will you marry me?’ “We have known with Lorenzo for years, school, graduation together, he too is a health assistant, hired almost at the same time, even if we do not work together – said Chiara, who is 23 and lives in Cislago (Varese) – I have always been in love with him , but he only really noticed me a few months ago and now we are thinking about marriage ”.

It is not an immediate project of course (‘we are still too many young people), but she constantly talks about it with enthusiasm even at work and for this reason her colleagues have decided to do that nice thing. “Lorenzo started laughing – said Chiara – so much does he know that sooner or later this is what we will do, I can’t imagine my life with any other neighbor”. A belief made even more secure after this terrible year.

“I graduated last spring and I immediately found myself on the Covid front – she said – It was very hard, especially the second wave that demoralized us a bit, then the swab phase, even 1,500 a day”. But Chiara also wants to send a message to her peers.

“I know that many are letting themselves get discouraged, that they say ‘we can’t take it anymore’ so it is useless to make all these sacrifices – he concluded – I instead tell them to be more hopeful, we will get out and above all an advice ‘ ‘”.

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