Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology NVIDIA GeForce 465.89 Driver Released with Update to DIRT 5

NVIDIA GeForce 465.89 Driver Released with Update to DIRT 5

NVIDIA GeForce 465.89 driver has been released, which brings ray-tracing support for DIRT 5.

NVIDIA introduced a new graphics card driver primarily focused on bug fixes. GeForce 465.89 WHQL driver Game Ready With its release, it also brings support for new games.

Driver, NVIDIA DLSS supporting technology Outriders besides his game DIRT 5 ray-tracing update and Epic Games Storewill be released in KINGDOM HEARTH It also offers first-day support for the launch of the series.

NVIDIA also installed the Game Ready driver. Rainbow Six Siege in their players’ game menu NVIDIA ReflexIt states that by enabling, it will reduce system latency by up to 30 percent. It is stated that this will give you an instant advantage during the conflict.

Current video card driver GeForce Experience Possible to install from the application. Additionally, for NVIDIA GeForce 465.89 driver NVIDIA website you can visit.

Aiming to control the power management in laptop computers and solve the bottleneck problem NVIDIA Dynamic Boost 2.0 We recommend that you also review our article on technology.

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