Sunday, April 11, 2021
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NVSC explains what a change of insulation location is and when it can be changed

At present, all isolated persons, whether positive for COVID-19, in contact with the patient or returning from abroad, must apply to the NVSC and obtain permission to change the location of the isolation if the need arises.

There are cases where there is a misunderstanding of the concept of changing the place of insulation and asking for such permission to go for a few hours, for example to work in the garden and then return to the former place.

Please note that in such cases, the person is not considered to be relocating. A change of place of isolation is a situation where a person moves from one place of residence to another and stays there for the rest of the period of isolation.

It is understood that people in isolation face a variety of needs, family and household issues that may require them to travel to a garden, homestead, or other place. However, the main purpose of isolation should not be forgotten – to prevent the possible spread of the virus. When applying for a permit to change the place of isolation, it should be assessed whether it is really necessary and whether the person will not violate the requirements of the isolation, ie will not endanger other persons.

Legislation laying down isolation rules and requirements for changing the location of isolation does not specify the number of times a person may apply for such a permit during isolation, nor does it specify that this can be done only once. However, we emphasize that in such a complex and tense epidemiological situation in the country, the measures taken to manage the epidemic should be assessed responsibly and not abused.

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As morbidity increases, NVSC receives more and more requests to change the location of isolation on a daily basis. All these requests are evaluated, the address of the isolation place is changed in the information system, and the persons are informed about the granted permit. Please note that it is only possible to go to another isolation point after receiving information from the NVSC about the granted permit, and the permit only gives the right to go to another isolation point.

We remind you that:

  • There are cases where the isolation site can be left without the permission or notification of the NVSC. They can be found on the website.
  • Individuals returning from countries with enhanced communicable disease control measures (according to the list of affected countries) must notify the NVSC when leaving the place of isolation for the following reasons (the notification form can be found here).
  • It is possible to leave Lithuania before the end of the isolation period when traveling to the country where the person lives, works or will receive health care, by notifying the NVSC in advance (by filling in the notification form, which can be found here.)



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