Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home World Old Man Pissed Off, His body crushed by the bedroom wall

Old Man Pissed Off, His body crushed by the bedroom wall – Tragic fate befell an old man named Simon Seu (81). Simon was found dead and crushed by the wall of his own house in Fafinesu Village, Insana Fafinesu District, North Central Timor (TTU) Regency, NTT on Wednesday (3/3/2021) morning.

Quoted from–network media, the victim’s body was first found by his biological son, Bernadus Poni (40) and his wife, Elisabeth Suni (38).

At that time, the victim’s child and son-in-law visited the victim’s house to see the victim who was living alone at home. However, when they arrived at the victim’s house, the two of them saw that the door to the victim’s house was closed.

They then turned around the house. When he arrived beside the victim’s house which was the victim’s bedroom, Bernadus saw that the wall of the house had collapsed into the inside of Simon’s bedroom.

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Bernadus saw that the victim had been crushed by the wall material and was still dead. He also called his wife and asked for help from neighbors around the victim’s house and helped get the victim out by breaking the wall with iron.

Based on the information from local residents, it is estimated that the victim was hit by a wall on Tuesday (2/3/2021) at around 23.00 WITA.

At that time, there was a heavy and strong wind rain. Meanwhile, the condition of the victim’s house was badly damaged.

“The victim’s house had been built since 1973 and was not maintained because the victim lived alone,” said Insana Utara police chief, Ipda Dominggus Duran, Wednesday (3/2/2021).

The police have also processed the scene of the case and secured evidence and examined witnesses. After the external post-mortem, the victim’s body was handed over to the family.

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“There is no sign of violence on the victim’s body. The victim died because he was hit by a wall of his house and his family was willing to accept the victim’s death, “said the former Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Kelapa Lima Police, Kupang City Police.



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