Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World On Grillo's blog: "From Biden disastrous McCarthyism on Russia and China". ...

On Grillo’s blog: “From Biden disastrous McCarthyism on Russia and China”. Applause from Di Battista

“If many thought the Trump-Pompeo duo was dangerous, what about Biden-Blinken? Instead of building new foundations for wider international cooperation – especially considering that we are experiencing a period of multiple global crises – Biden-Blinken identify enemies – with warlike tones towards Russia and China – attributing responsibility always and only to “others” and returning, in the first months of the presidency, an increasingly self-referential image of the country’s authorities. ” The Guarantor of the M5S Beppe Grillo writes it on Facebook relaunching an article, published on his blog and signed by Fabio Massimo Parenti, entitled: “A disastrous McCarthyism. Have the US and the EU lost their reason? ”.

Positive comment on Grillo’s post comes from the former 5-star deputy, Alessandro Di Battista who takes the opportunity to criticize the current Italian government: “I very much share this Beppe writing. However, I do not think it is particularly shared in the government sphere. Reason why I opposed the government of the ‘best’. In any case, thank you for having published this lucid and particularly counter-current analysis ”.

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