Thursday, April 15, 2021
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(P) Important steps to follow for a funeral.

Often an unpleasant event such as the loss of a family member, happens unexpectedly and many of our clients do not know what to do in order to organize the funeral.

Through this article, we will try to give you the most important information about organizing a funeral.

First, choose the funeral home that meets your requirements and expectations correctly, responsibly, with advice and transparency. Don’t be fooled by false offers, ask for information!

-Depending on the place of death, the services you need may differ. Thus, if the death took place at home, you will need a doctor to ascertain the death and issue the finding document. If the death occurs at the hospital, this service is performed within the hospital unit.

-Another important step is to pick up the deceased from home / hospital – make sure that the services include both transportation, handling of the deceased, and materials needed for transportation.

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-You must not forget the death certificate that is obtained from the town hall or in some cases, from the Directorate of Personnel Records.

The registration of the death is made on the basis of the verbal statement given before the civil status officer by the family members, and in their absence, by the roommates, neighbors, the building administrator, the doctor or other staff from the health unit where the death occurred.

The necessary documents, in case of death due to natural causes, are:

  • medical certificate confirming the death – drawn up by the doctor;
  • ID card – for Romanian citizens (passport, identity card, temporary ID – for the foreign citizen);
  • the ID card of the declarant – belonging;
  • birth certificate – original and xerox copy;
  • marriage certificate – original and xerox copy;
  • identity card of the declarant – (original and xerox copy).

You can also choose to have the funeral service take care of obtaining the death certificate, as well as obtaining the burial certificate.

But it is very important to choose the right funeral service company. First, make sure you offer a full range of services:

  • Washing and dressing the deceased – make available to the representatives of the funeral services company a complete set of clothes for the deceased.
  • Deceased cosmetics.
  • Optimal storage of the deceased until the day of burial (embalming);
  • Arranging the details for the vigil. Do not forget that in accordance with the legislation in force and the hygiene rules imposed by law, it is forbidden to organize vigil at home. Therefore call the church or an authorized chapel to which you belong;
  • Organizing the memorial / memorial, depending on the conditions imposed due to the restrictions of the Covid pandemic – 19: at the restaurant, at home or offering packages to those present at the funeral (with fasting or sweets);
  • Preparation of a funeral aid file that is submitted to the County Pension House.

In difficult moments when life puts us to the test, Imperial Funerare offers you complete funeral services 24 hours a day, services that respect the Romanian religious tradition and customs, offered with maximum seriousness and discretion. You can request complete information about what a complete funeral entails and by phone at no. by phone 0724.461.600 or on our website

(P) Important steps to follow for a funeral.

In difficult times when life puts us to the test, it is important to have the right information so that we can make the ideal choices. Most of the time an unpleasant event such as the loss of a …

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