Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Sport Pacific Caesar hit 80-49, Pelita Jaya Bakrie picked 5 consecutive wins

Pacific Caesar hit 80-49, Pelita Jaya Bakrie picked 5 consecutive wins

Suara.com – Pelita Jaya Bakrie (Jakarta) picked five consecutive wins when shaving Pacific Caesar (Surabaya) 80-49 in the series III of the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) 2021 at the Robinson Resort bubble, Bogor, Wednesday.

The victory brought Ocky Tamtelahitu’s team to move up to second place in the Red Division standings with 19 points from 10 matches that have been undertaken.

Meanwhile, Pacific (13), which had no chance of qualifying for the play-offs, was increasingly sinking to the bottom of the Red Division.

Pelita had the opportunity to do a lot of their roster rotations in this match, where none of their five pancakes took the floor for 20 minutes.

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Respati Ragil Pamungkas, who started from the bench, became Pelita’s top scorer with 14 points, followed by Agassi Goantara and M. Hardian Wicaksono who both packed 11 points.

Meanwhile for Pacific, two players who came off the bench supported their numbers, namely Calvin Chrissler with 15 points and Gregorie Claudie Wibowo with 14 points.

The class differences between the two teams were evident in the first half of the match when Pacific failed to score double digit points in each quarter, giving Pelita a 47-17 lead in the second half.

Pacific’s form looked to improve in the third quarter, but they could never cut the margin closer than 24 points. The 22 points scored by Pacific were answered in full by the same number by Pelita including through two Katon Adjie Baskoro layups which made them close the third quarter still ahead 69-39.

The second quarter started with relatively low points, Pacific added 10 points and Pelita packed 11 points to seal a convincing 80-49 victory.

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Pacific has just returned to playing on the second day of Series IV, Tuesday (6/4), facing Amartha Hangtuah Jakarta, while Pelita has the opportunity to win playoff tickets if they win their remaining two matches in Series III, namely against Bank BPD DIY Bima Perkasa Jogja on Friday (2 / 4) and Bali United Basketball a day later.



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