Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Parliament discusses reduction in the number of students per class and final exams due to Covid-19 – Politics

The parliament will discuss on Wednesday seven diplomas that foresee the reduction of the number of students per class and changes in this year’s exams and final exams, measures that proponents consider urgent due to the covid-19 pandemic.

There are three draft resolutions, of the PCP, PEV and Chega, and a bill of the PCP on external evaluation, and three bills on the number of students per class, in which the proposing parties (BE, PCP and PEV) have little diverge.

The BE project, for example, proposes that in preschool the definition of classes respects a ratio of 19 children per teacher, increasing to 20 in the 1st and 2nd cycles and to 22 students in the 3rd cycle and in secondary.

In the document, the blockers write that in the current pandemic context and given the need to ensure certain health security rules, namely distance, “the reduction in the number of students per class has become urgent”.

“The Bloco de Esquerda has long advocated reducing the number of students per class for pedagogical reasons. These reasons are now reinforced by the public and socioeconomic health crisis that we are going through,” reads the project.

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The PCP also recalls that reducing the number of students in each classroom is an old intention, stressing that now “it is one of the most urgent measures to stop the spread of covid-19”.

Like BE, the communists also propose that the size of the classes will increase with each level of education, starting with 19 children in pre-school age up to 22 in the 3rd cycle and in secondary school.

The ENP proposal, on the other hand, provides that, “regardless of the level of education in question, classes cannot have more than 20 students”, a measure they consider “fundamental to guarantee the return to classroom teaching with all conditions of security”.

Regarding the benchmarking tests and final exams, the projects under discussion are not so similar and if, for example, the draft resolution of Chega, submitted before the measures announced by the Government, recommends that only the final exams be maintained for the purposes of subject approval and completion of secondary education, the Liberal Initiative (IL) is concerned with improvement exams.

Specifically, the IL diploma recommends that the Government “allow national examinations to improve the internal classification of all students who wish to do so”.

The ENP, on the other hand, defends that the assessment tests carried out by students of the 2nd, 5th and 8th years should be maintained, which it considers useful to assess “the level of damage that the students had in an academic year that was so disturbed by the reality of teaching distance “, but not 9th grade exams.

The PCP bill goes further and intends to establish measures with a view not to suspension as an “emergency measure”, but to the elimination of 9th grade evidence.

The communists, proposes the creation of a working group “for the elimination of national exams and the valuation of continuous assessment” and, for the immediate one, that secondary school students only take exams for the purpose of accessing higher education, as is already the case. moreover, foreseen, and that these examinations be allowed to improve the internal classification.

Like last year, this year also the Government decided to cancel all the tests of measurement and the final exams of the 9th year, due to the covid-19 pandemic, maintaining only the national exams of the secondary school, which will not, however , count towards the average rating, but only for applications to higher education.

In addition to these projects, parliament will also discuss a PCP bill that defines support measures for students in the context of school social action, a draft ENP resolution for the adoption of non-invasive testing methods for children and young people on their return schools and an IL recommendation in the field of preventing and combating early school leaving.



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