Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Breaking News Parliamentary debate on 'scout gate' postponed to tomorrow | Inland

Parliamentary debate on ‘scout gate’ postponed to tomorrow | Inland

The House had asked for all documents concerning the formation, including text messages, WhatsApp messages, e-mails and interview reports, before 6.30 pm. Now that this has not succeeded, the debate is moved to Thursday.

Outgoing Prime Minister Rutte had also proposed to publish his own report and to have the President of the House check the other reports for the name of Pieter Omtzigt and only make those passages public. “You put pressure on colleagues who are confident that those conversations would be confidential,” Rutte reasons. He says he is ‘very concerned’ now that conversations that have been conducted in confidentiality are becoming public. He fears that future talks will be jeopardized as a result, causing the formation to take longer. However, the rest of the group leaders did not object to making all the documents public.

The reason for the debate was a partially leaked note about the first round of the exploration last week. The then scout Ollongren wore it open and naked under her arm when she was photographed at the Binnenhof. Especially a comment about a possible ‘position elsewhere’ for the critical Member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt, if the CDA were to participate in a new cabinet, aroused a lot of anger and surprise.

The two scouts then resigned and were succeeded by ministers Tamara van Ark and Wouter Koolmees. At the insistence of the House, they would still come to give text and explanation about the course of events on Wednesday. But a majority of the MPs first wanted to receive all documents.

The offending memorandum on which a ‘position elsewhere’ was noted for CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt has now been fully published. This also shows that VVD and D66 were already warming up to bring in the CDA as a third party. “Personal contact between MR (Mark Rutte) and SK (Sigrid Kaag) on ​​point scouts and point cabinet participation by CDA”, so can be read. There is also apparently concern about the ‘stability’ of the CDA faction. Moreover, it appears that GL is ‘happy’ to join.

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PVV leader Geert Wilders, who had asked for the memorandum to be disclosed with the support of a parliamentary majority, finds the documents that the House has now received ‘three times nothing’. He had also asked for interview reports, notes and all official documents. “We are sent in a bunch of reeds. We must have everything. Otherwise we will not get to the bottom of things. ” Laurens Dassen van Volt said he was surprised about the administration of the Chamber.



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