Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Permits, illness and 104: schools reopen in Lazio but teachers are lacking

Permits, illness and 104: schools reopen in Lazio but teachers are lacking

I hope that the Regional School Office will take action to obtain data on absences from yesterday and today in schools by teachers, janitors and secretarial employees, with the relative reasons “. The day after the controversy over the lump sum of teachers and administrative staff in the Lazio classrooms – where there were also several students missing – the president of the Lazio Presidium Association Mario Rusconi does not back down. “I believe that an intervention by the Ministry of Education is in the air. And the indefinite defense of the trade unions amazes me ”. However, they reiterate: “To us it does not appear. Without the overall data, it is yet another controversy to attack public work without foundation ”.

Lazio is the only region to have reopened the primary and middle classrooms before the Easter holidays. Two days of lessons, to break the continuity between Dad and vacation and offer a sign of optimism. However, not everything went the right way. The regional PNA has pointed the finger at the “hundreds of absences”, especially in Rome, quantifying them in 10-20% with peaks of 30%. Providing the examples of some institutes: 18 absent at the Comprehensive Institute (Ic) Manzoni, 16 at the Ic Ottavia, 21 at the Montelucci di Guidonia, 29 at the Ic di Anzio, etc. The justifications were also targeted: “According to what the principals have told us, many have used the permits of Law 104, others have declared illness or personal reasons. And in many cases the absences involved commuting teachers. We need to distinguish legitimate absenteeism from unjustified absenteeism ”concludes Rusconi, former dean of Tasso and today at the helm of the joint biomedical high school Pio IX on the Aventine.

Accusations rejected to the sender by the school unions with a joint statement of the five acronyms (Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola, Snals Confsal and Gilda): “What are the data and percentages? Without numbers, it’s just chatter ”. An approach that Alessandro Tatarella, Lazio secretary of Flt CGIL, reiterates to Huffpost: “There have been no reports of anomalous forfeits. This is a controversy that damages public work, where healthcare and schools in the pandemic have shown a great sense of responsibility ”.

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On the dock are the commuters – mainly from Campania, then Abruzzo, Tuscany – who allegedly “deserted” at the last moment. Forcing the principals to convene alternates, reshape or shorten the hours, until the boys are sent home first. In addition to giving up cleaning and surveillance. “The use of substitutes is normal – objects Tatarella – With the schools closed, the contracts of many precarious workers have been interrupted”. Someone, then, would have done the math: between the late announcement and the prices of the Easter trains, moving would have cost up to 300 euros. Then there is the question of vaccines: up to a week ago Lazio had vaccinated about 95,000 teachers and university professors. Several – according to the principals – would have booked precisely for these two days.

To understand how things really are we will have to wait: at the moment the overall data are not available. The national unions are called out of the clash: it is a fact that concerns Lazio. The Region informs that it has done its part: the weekly table with the parties involved has been active since July to “monitor all the needs” of the sector, plus the vaccine and tampon system is proceeding more satisfactorily than elsewhere. After the deliberations of the Pisana, there are the ordinances of the mayors and school autonomy: that is to say, more decision-making levels. And in fact, the trade unions of the professors are polemically wondering why nobody takes it out on the municipalities – including Rieti, Terracina, Santa Marinella, Ladispoli – who have decided to bolt the classrooms in the two fateful days.

The only certainty is that the families did not like the lessons with holes like gruyere. “It’s a commercial phenomenon, we don’t have precise statistics either – reasons Angela Nava of the Democratic Parents Coordination – But the discontent among parents is strong. Obviously this reopening did not convince everyone ”. Starting with fathers and mothers, as many boys were missing. “It is now difficult to represent the mood of families who make different choices. Someone had already organized, others are afraid of contagion. I find the absences of teachers more scandalous. It is a category that at this moment should give another image of itself to the whole country ”.



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