Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Technology Polish application for smartphone payments (iOS, Android) with saving e-receipts

Polish application for smartphone payments (iOS, Android) with saving e-receipts

E-receipts to the phone or e-mail address

Before we go to Spark, however, a few words about these e-receipts. In shops or service providers equipped with online cash registers, it will be possible to issue e-receipts at the customer’s request. This will, however, require the seller to provide an e-mail address or telephone number to which the e-receipt will be sent. The problem is that online cash registers do not have this functionality yet, and there are also privacy protection issues – not everyone who wants to receive e-receipts will be willing to provide this data in the name of this.

It will also be inconvenient and time consuming. We assume that we pay for Apple Pay or Google Pay purchases, which takes a few seconds, when we want to receive an e-receipt, we have to provide an e-mail address (sometimes it will be difficult with complicated addresses) or a phone number – entering the data and sending it will take a few times more time than just paying.

Spark – smartphone payments and e-receipts in one

Cezary Pierzan, president of the Retail Platform:

The first e-receipts have already been issued to consumers, which is a historic moment for Polish trade. Both consumers and businesses will benefit from the widespread availability of digital proofs of purchase, regardless of the scale of their business. Companies can count on improved service, cost reduction, as well as increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Mobile payments, which are part of our system, complete the model of completely contactless transactions, which – especially today, in times of an epidemic threat – increase hygiene and safety of everyday shopping. At the same time, we are working on the development of the acceptance network for Spark in traditional trade and e-commerce.

Spark solves these problems. By combining smartphone payments with the automatic saving of e-receipts in one application. Interestingly, this application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

NFC payments on iPhone?

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You probably ask yourself, how is it possible that you can pay with your iPhone for purchases in the store with an application other than Apple Pay, you could as well install Google Pay on them. This was my first question that came to my mind when the creators of this solution wrote to me. So I asked them about this first.

In response, I got the following information:

The Retailers’ Platform equips retail outlets with NFC Spark chips, thanks to which the sellers are identified by the buyer, and the process related to the payment and issuance of the electronic receipt is carried out using the customer’s mobile device. Today, the user, after installing the Spark mobile application and adding any bank card to it, brings his smartphone closer to the Spark symbol in a store or other service point and receives information about his transaction in the application (the vast majority of Android devices do not require prior, manual opening of the application). , this feature will also appear on iPhones above the XS model). After approval of the payment (or without approval in the Spark Express mode – available in the application settings), it is made from the account of the indicated card, and an electronic fiscal receipt appears in the transaction history in the application.



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